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Who Is Mistress Regina

I was born to abuse men as I knew from the time I was a little girl that it’s so much more fun being a cruel heartless bitch. As a strong independent Asian woman, relationships are based on what makes me happy and I could care less for the interests of the men I am with at any particular time. So the only types of men that should contact me are those that live to please me and know I will never give them what they want.

The best advice I ever received was "Nice girls finish last and that cold and demanding women finish first." This philosophy is the foundation to who I am and it was not until I got older that I realized I have always been a domme. In fact, the one way to insure you see a smile across my face is to let me have my way with you and to allow my dirty mind to act out all its dark little fantasies.

My personality is reflected in my style of BDSM play as I am not here to cater to what you like or want in a session. As a true domino, I believe in D/s which means I dominate and you submit so there is no "topping from the bottom" with me. It is also important to note that any request for sexual services will cause you to blacklisted as I would never have any interests in any of the slaves that I play with for my amusement.

So if you want to session with me you had better forget to list all your "interests" and simply keep your mouth shut and your mind open as anything can happen in a session with me.


The Legendary Mistress Regina



Mistress Regina
The Heartless Bitch You Love

My Favorite Slave Training Techniques

Foot Worship Slave
As a slave, you are never on the same level as your “Queen” and I love having my slaves on the floor massaging and licking my feet like the dogs that they are, lol. I may even have you lick the bottoms of my shoes as they constantly need to be cleaned from walking in the streets.
Corporal Punishment
Every slave needs to be punished and I will make sure you receive lots of abuse in my pursuit of retraining you to make you the perfect plaything for me. After I leave you bloodied and bruised you will thank me for making your a better person.
Golden and Brown Showers
I love showering my slaves with my most personal gifts and it’s one of my favorite ways of seeing a slave submit to me. Once you taste my nectar and caviar you will become addicted and you’ll be begging to be my toilet.
Spitting into a slaves face like he is a worthless piece of shit is such a hot experience for me. Maybe I’ll ask you to open your mouth and I’ll treat you like a spittoon.
I will grab your attention quickly by slapping you and you’ll know immediately I mean business. Domination is not a game to me and my hard slaps will show you I’m not some girl who is masquerading as a dominatrix.
Verbal Humiliation
My words will leave you broken and humiliated and then you’ll be like putty in my hands. In reshaping you as the perfect slave, you will have to learn a new vocabulary as the you will be entering a whole new world!


Ever since I started dating my interest in men has always focused on getting what I want out of the relationship and the men I spent time with all have one thing in common… they are a glutton for punishment. In meeting these losers I gradually would turn them into slaves and the only kind of intimacy shared between us involved me hurting and humiliating them. Eventually I determined I can be nothing but a mistress in a relationship and the men must accept being a slave. We play by my rules, not yours!







The Sooner You Contact Me the Sooner We Can Both Get What We Want!

Contact me and if I find you interesting maybe I'll respond to determine if you are worthy.







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