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Although I have fantasized about seeing a dominatrix, I am nervous about sessioning so would it be OK if I spoke to you before visiting and booking an appointment?

Absolutely! I often schedule video call sessions with those who are first-timers or those just nervous about meeting me so that we can be more comfortable with one another. However, as a world famous dominatrix my time is very limited and you need to book a paid video consultation session.

I have been to a dominatrix before, what can I expect in a session?

As a submissive, you need to be aware that the session will be based on MY interests and what amuses ME.

There is absolutely no sex of any kind in my sessions as this is about BDSM, If you are looking for sex, go visit a prostitute.


  • Services that are illegal  (Drugs etc)

  • Sexual Acts​

  • Intimate Worship (Ass / Pussy Worship / Facesitting)

  • Scat

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